This always seems to happen, I have big news but work and life and daily grind take over and I never remember to post. I will get into the habit, I promise.

From July 3 to July 7, I took a trip to Alabama to see my long-distance boyfriend. I met his son and we had a very fun time seeing the sights (I even taught him how to make s’mores….the right way).

This week I will try to get some of the pictures up and next week I will post my film camera pics, but now, The News.

Snapshot_20130708 (2)
I got engaged!

I plan to be moving down to Alabama to live with him around Christmas-time so I have been making lists and checking the house twice, haha.

Now that my news is shared, back to my stew!





My name is Hannah, I’m currently halfway through age 22 and
I’m probably the most creative person you will meet.
Everyday I am either cooking, crafting, sewing, photographing, scheming or researching.
I always keep myself busy and I never leave a creative stone unturned.