$7 Christmas Gallery Wall


This Christmas will be the first of many spent in Alabama.
The problem is,we have this entire house that
hasn’t been decorated since my fiance moved in
and we are having a party within a week of me
moving down there.
With the cost of moving and trying to survive on one
paycheck for a while, I needed a quick plan of decor
that didn’t cost a lot and was semi neutral to fit for a while
until we got enough saved to start actually decorating.
A gallery wall came to mind because it
packs a lot of design into a space quickly,
and when done right, is pretty inexpensive.

The first thing I did, like with any project, was scour Pinterest
trying to gather ideas. There I found my photos.

I printed the photos out, adjusting sizes as I went.
(You might notice a couple of the photos are a little off
from the files, my printer only wanted to print small
and everything had a red tinge to it,
It all worked out in the end though. 🙂 )

My frames were $1 a piece (love Dollar Tree!) so to keep
this project low-cost, I needed a quick,
easy way to make black mattes for my images.
Paint was my ultimate choice.
Snapshot_20131124 (7)
I carefully opened each frame
(with a knife to save my fingernails)
and painted a black edge, about 1.5″ all the way around the
cardboard backing of the frames, letting them dry completely.

I then taped the photos to the cardboard and carefully placed
them back into the frames, using that knife again to set the
metal back into place, and did a mockup of the layout on a
blank wall in my house.
The final setup will be on a wall of dark paneling
so the frames blend into the background,
leaving the photos to take center stage.