This always seems to happen, I have big news but work and life and daily grind take over and I never remember to post. I will get into the habit, I promise.

From July 3 to July 7, I took a trip to Alabama to see my long-distance boyfriend. I met his son and we had a very fun time seeing the sights (I even taught him how to make s’mores….the right way).

This week I will try to get some of the pictures up and next week I will post my film camera pics, but now, The News.

Snapshot_20130708 (2)
I got engaged!

I plan to be moving down to Alabama to live with him around Christmas-time so I have been making lists and checking the house twice, haha.

Now that my news is shared, back to my stew!



Embracing My Inner Lovechild

You wont see a whole lot of fashion on this blog
but once in a while I do get dressy 🙂
Embracing My Inner Lovechild
The “shirt” is a yard of fabric draped & knotted in the back and
the feathers are a handmade hairpiece from a local artisan.