White Onion Scapes

For the past few years, my father and I have grown a ton of
potatoes to store over the winter. We just dig them up and
plop them into a bucket in the basement, cleaning them off
when we want to use some but otherwise generally
ignoring them. Last year our haul lasted us until May.
I was curious what other veggies I could save so I hit Pinterest.
I knew carrots, when left out in the same fashion, just got
wrinkly and mushy but I found a few posts saying that
burying them in damp sand would keep them fresh.
Fast forward a couple months and we had a TON of carrots.
By the end of the season we had enough for two 5-gallon
buckets full so I picked and buried them.
I watered them once after that.
A few weeks later, I was picking the last of my uncles harvest
and brought home a few onions, not feeling up to cleaning
them, or knowing if I should, I dropped them on
top of the carrot sand.
My dad told me one day that the carrots were growing in the
bucket, and sure enough, green sprouts were poking up
through the sand, but the onions had rooted themselves too.
What a suprise!
Snapshot_20131128 (20)
I waited until they got a bit bigger and tried one of the sprouts,
yum! Perfectly spicy and crisp, just like a green onion.
A total of 5 weeks after tossed those onions in, I had a ton of
onion scapes, perfect to chop up and freeze.
Snapshot_20131128 (18)
We had actually figured it out, a sack of onions (about 8-10)
is right around $3, each of those onions, if planted,
would grow roughly 20 scapes. So for twice the price of a
bunch of green onions you could get 8x the food!


Garden: 2 weeks along

 A few weeks ago, I got my herb and flower gardens started with some started plants from my aunt’s greenhouse. I’ve been waiting the long winter to grow something and I’m so happy to see the herbs growing around my house.

Oregano in my vintage MixMaster

First typical succulent (I do have an air plant also)

Basil, Oregano, and some flowers.

Parsley near the front door

My flower garden below the deck.