Amateur Embroidery

About a year ago, I was browsing Pinterest and stumbled across a  pair of hand-embroidered fox shoe clips.
They were DARLING.
The tutorial was pretty simple to figure out, step-by-step and a lot of random wispy stitches all in the same spot. I’d say it turned out pretty well for my first needlework.
(I did change them from shoe clips to a hairclip and patch)

(sewing thread and felt on fleece
with interfacing on patch and a clip for the other)

I researched some and found how to do my first actual stitch, a french knot, which I then featured in this little pin.

a sun brooch i made on a whim
(sewing thread on fleece with mesh backing and a button)

I knew I wanted to stitch my mother something for mom’s day and knew that lately, she was doing some awesome beaded embroidery so I thought I’d show her what I had learned. This was the first time I had used a full pattern, a water-soluble marker, and the leaf/teardrop stitch.
It took me about 5 hours to complete.

(embroidery floss on flannel in a decorated hoop)

Also for mother’s day, I decided to stitch my grandma something, I know it’s not really customary (at least for me) to get  your gma something for mother’s day, but when I stumbled  across a little stitched typewriter, I couldn’t pass it up! (She was a typist for many years)
(embroidery floss on interfacing-backed cotton and a pin added)

My most recent attempt at embroidery(currently unfinished) is my version ofa fabric I saw  (Pinterest again!) which was covered in constellations.
My best friend is enthralled with space and astrology so I thought this would be perfect for her. I sewn the bag first (with a tan star print inside) and then added the stitching afterwards, Orion being the main focus.

(silver embroidery thread on flannel)


Garden: 2 weeks along

 A few weeks ago, I got my herb and flower gardens started with some started plants from my aunt’s greenhouse. I’ve been waiting the long winter to grow something and I’m so happy to see the herbs growing around my house.

Oregano in my vintage MixMaster

First typical succulent (I do have an air plant also)

Basil, Oregano, and some flowers.

Parsley near the front door

My flower garden below the deck.

Embracing My Inner Lovechild

You wont see a whole lot of fashion on this blog
but once in a while I do get dressy 🙂
Embracing My Inner Lovechild
The “shirt” is a yard of fabric draped & knotted in the back and
the feathers are a handmade hairpiece from a local artisan.



My name is Hannah, I’m currently halfway through age 22 and
I’m probably the most creative person you will meet.
Everyday I am either cooking, crafting, sewing, photographing, scheming or researching.
I always keep myself busy and I never leave a creative stone unturned.