My name is Hannah and I am a renaissance woman.
I’ve tried to label myself before (crafter, chef, artist, designer…)
but what it comes down to is that I could never fit in just one category.
I’m good at lots of things, sometimes to a fault, and my mind is always working.

Currently, I live in a zero-population town in the woods of Northern Minnesota with my dad
in the house I grew up in. Together we participate in lots of town functions and
I’m usually helping in some way or another if something is going on.
We have one dog, Sammy, a runt black lab who is pint-size and amazing.

Since I graduated high school in 2009, I’ve tried my hand at college and being a live-in nanny.
I’m currently working at a promotions company and keeping my mind working the arts
as much as I can so I can make a better(and more creative) living for myself.
I’ve been there less than 6 months and I’m already known as “purple hair Hannah”
and “the girl with the pretty lunches”. Haha.

I do a lot of sewing (learned from my mother and a very haste home-ec class),
baking and cooking (again, my mother and a bit from my late grandma),
photography (self-taught and always, slowly improving),
and the occasional sketch or two when the right moment hits me.



I hope that this blog will be my go-to place for all the stuff I make, find, capture, or do,
and I also hope you will share them all with me.


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